Voice Messaging

The OfficeServ Voice Messaging family (OSVM) offer a powerful choice of messaging solutions that are not only cost effective but can also deliver the benefits of voicemail and call processing to any working environment.

The OfficeServ Voice Messaging is embedded into the OS7030, OS7100, OS7200S and provided on OS7200 and OS7400 as an optional module (SVMi-20), Providing 1 to 20 ports of voice messaging for the range of Samsung Communication systems. The OfficeServ Voicemail provides a cost effective call processing solution for busy working environments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Easy to use and manage, the OSVM can help your business reduce the number of missed or dropped calls, increase efficiency and improve the levels of customer service you provide. Administrator reports also allow you to view how effectively your investment is being utilised. For example OSVM can report how many messages each user has taken, or how many times an individual Auto Attendant option is chosen.